The value of trees

Trees have been providing shelter, shade, and sustenance for humankind for hundreds of thousands of years. They produce life-giving oxygen and clear the air by absorbing carbon dioxide and pollution.

TreeKeepers is a citizens’ organisation that came together to protect big trees mainly in the Southern Suburbs of  Cape Town.

We have formed a relationship (guided by a memorandum of agreement) with the City’s Parks Department to help conserve and maintain the urban forest.

We assist fellow residents to look after mature trees in their gardens (view our leaflet) and to work with City Council staff to ensure that no trees along roads and on public land are cut down without good reason.


Caring for Trees

In terms of our constitution, our aims include:

  • promoting the wise maintenance and conservation of mature trees amongst residents and public.
  • undertaking advocacy campaigns on the importance and benefits of trees in urban areas.
  • mapping scientific and heritage data on significant trees and facilitating ‘Champion Tree’ and ‘Significant Tree’ status.
  • supporting training of Council staff and accreditation of contractors and tree maintenance professionals.
  • assisting schools and community groups to conserve and protect trees.

Donations of all kinds are welcome to help us achieve our aims.

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General Enquiries

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  1. Good day
    There is a mature stinkwood tree in the front garden of 8 Princess Avenue, Bishopscourt Village, where a developer plans to erect 4 townhouses which will cover the entire plot (double erf has presumably been subdivided). The tree is not visible on Google street view, it is obscured by the tree on the verge and the large wild strelitzia on its right. I can send a photo of the tree and a copy of the plans.

  2. Hi,

    I would like someone to contact me about a certain tree and its implications in Rondebosch. Please could someone give me a call on 0845464010.

    Thanks very much, Sandy Beamish

  3. Please could you assist me with investigating the destruction of the Milkwood Forest in Hermanus which our Municipality is turning a blind eye to.

  4. Good day.
    I notice that about a dozen large trees on Rhodes Drive have red and white construction tape tied around them and am concerned that they are going to be cut down. They are about half a kilometer from the turn off to Southern Crosss Drive, going towards Constantia Nek, on the left hand side. On the other side of the road there has recently been some large development and it is possible that these trees are blocking the view from this development. They are large, old trees – flowering gums and some pines, I think. They provide lovely shade and greenery and it would be sad to see them go.

  5. We would like to invite all tree lovers to join in the City Nature Challenge.
    Please see https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/city-nature-challenge-2019-cape-town – for updates and information.
    Simply if all our important, key and spectacular trees in the City can be documented over the four days, it will make an immense contribution to documenting the biodiversity and life in our City, as well as creating public awareness and interest.
    It is simple to participate. Load the iNaturalist app onto your smartphone and between 26-29 April record as many trees as you can (one observation per species per street segment please – if you want you can photograph all the members of one species within the observation- but only one species per observation please).
    But please practice before the event so that we can get lots of good observations over the weekend. Our goal: 50,000 observations of 3,500 species by over 2,000 observers! Please help put Cape Town on the biodiversity Map!

  6. We would like to draw attention to the Bee Industry Strategy documentation on the Elsenburg website where mention is made of bee forage planting and augmentation plans, amongst others mass bee forage planting plans.

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