Increase Property Values
People are drawn to homes and businesses near trees.

The proof is in the prices – property values are 7 to 25 percent higher for houses surrounded by trees.

Homes landscaped with trees are worth more than homes without trees and sell more quickly, particularly where the entire street is tree-lined.

This has been proven in inumerbale studies worldwide, and is especially relevant to Cape Town.

Enhance Economic Stability
People linger and shop longer when trees are present around businesses.

Communities and business districts with healthy tree-cover attract new residents, industry, and commercial activity.
Consumers spend up to 13 percent more at shops near green landscapes.

Where a canopy of trees exists, apartments and offices rent more quickly and have a higher occupancy rate – and workers report more productivity and less absenteeism.

Measure The Value Of A Tree
While many people understand the benefits of trees, very few realise the monetary value of individual trees.

There is a process (the Helliwal system) that can help you find out what your trees is worth.

An arborist can help a homeowner determine the value of trees by providing an appraisal.

Maximise The Benefits Of A Tree
While some homeowners may want to remove a tree, the cost associated with removal can outweigh the cost of regular tree maintenance practices, such as pruning, and mulching.

A professional in the tree, nursery or landscape industry, or a landscape architect can help you plan, install, and care for all of your greenery so that each of them will be worth more.
See Stay Informed page for SALI Arborists    


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