Reconnecting With Nature

Jan 25, 2023 | Books that inform, Tree Matters

Cultivating Defiant Compassion for an Uncertain Future

This book is a game-changer in an epoch I like to call ”’the rage of inhumanity”.
Alienation from nature is bad for eveyone involved. We all need to coexist under a broad and inclusive umbrella of compassion
Marc Bekoff, author of Rewilding Our Hearts, and The Animals’ Agenda

Plenty of books tell home gardeners and professional landscaper designers how to garden sustainably, what plants to use, and what resources to explore. Yet few examine why our urban wildlife gardens matter, and not just for ourselves, but for the larger human and animal communities.

”This book is so much more than gardening. Vogt shows how we begin to heal our own wounds and those of the planet by opening ourselves to the value of the everyday wild, and the native plants that root us in place”
– Susan J Tweit, author of Walking Nature Home


”Our managed landscapes have forced nature out. This book examines the historical, psychological, biological and social reasons for why we urgently need balanced and equitable gardens that respect, support and sustain all living things”
-Heather Holm, author of Bees and Pollinators of Native Plants