Climate Crisis – Now

Oct 28, 2021 | Threats to Trees, Tree Matters

Addressing Climate Change

The Climate Crisis – Now

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‘’Everything you need to know about the Glasgow conference seeking to forge a global response to the climate emergency’’
– courtesy of The Guardian newsletter
Down to Earth.

Let’s start with the big picture, the bad news first, and then the good: the environment is the world and everything in it. It is the air, water and food we need to survive and the natural wonders that leave us awestruck. Ultimately, we rely on the environment for everything.

But we are destroying and polluting it. The Great Acceleration of consumption and population growth of the last 70 years has brought us into the Anthropocene, where humanity dominates the planet, and to a triple crisis.

The climate crisis, with its wildfires and floods, is upon us. The carbon dioxide from our relentless burning of fossil fuels is trapping ever more heat and pushing the gentle weather that nurtured the growth of civilisation to new extremes.

The biodiversity crisis has put us on the verge of the first mass extinction of species ever faced by Homo sapiens. The razing of forests, ploughing up of grasslands and plundering of the seas is pushing the wild world to the margins.

The pollution crisis is killing millions of people a year with dirty air, foul water and toxic soils. It is decimating wildlife too, not least the myriad insects without which we will not survive.

But it is not too late.

We have the knowledge and tools to restore the land, water and air and create a sustainable future. It is happening in renewable energy, electric cars and plant-based alternatives to meat. Science, technology, economics, politics, social justice and more will all interact as the future unfolds.

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