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Sep 30, 2021 | Care of Trees, Tree Matters

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Reporting and Emergency Contacts

To report any untoward incidents happening on City of Cape Town council land / public space …
such as bark stripping in Newlands or other forests, or tree felling on streetscapes (non-private property)

107 – or else 021 – 480 7700
emergency numbers from any phone, go directly to City control center who will then redirect you. These are both 24/7 lines.

112 – from any cellphone in South Africa, even with no airtime.
When this number is dialed, it is followed by an automated menu. But remain calm, because the menu exists as a form of control and filters out abuse of the system.

10111 – if you need police assistance

10177 – if you need an ambulance

If reporting bark stripping on the emergency lines above, they will contact rangers by radio.

If reporting actvities involving tree felling in public spaces /streetscapes use the same emergency numbers, and please also email clear pictures of offence /offender, with available witnesses ideally, to: The City Recreation & Parks Department:

For more on ”how to report things”, look over Action Steps

If reporting sightings of PSHB  (polyphagous shot-hole borer) infestation, look over here

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