TreeKeepers Resources

  • TreeKeepers information leaflet on conserving urban trees
    This briefly outlines the value and benefits of our urban big trees, with practical tips on how they can be best looked after – TreeKeepers Leaflet (pdf).
  • City of Cape Town Tree Policy
    The City has updated its Tree Management Policy  – download it here (pdf)
  • City of Cape Town Stormwater Drainage Guidelines
    This gives guidelines as to how trees can be incorporated usefully into managing stormwater runoff and drainage – download it here (pdf)
  • Residents’ application form for tree planting
    Residents can apply to the local Parks office to have a tree or trees planted on the pavement outside their residence or office provided they undertake to water it in summer and look after it for the first four years. Complete and send the form to
  • Developers’ Water Drainage Planning Guidelines
    This City guide gives developers practical information on where and how to plan for water drainage on a proposed site which takes trees into consideration as they are key to managing drainage as well. Download it here (pdf)
  • Protected Trees List
    This list, available here, details which trees have been classified by the state as protected trees. These species may not be cut, disturbed, or damaged unless a permit has been granted to do so, using this application form. Download it here (pdf)
  • Tree care: Removing Ivy from Trees
    View the guide on Tree Care – removing Ivy from trunks of trees.
  • Champion trees
    These are extraordinary single trees and groups of trees assigned ‘Champion’ status by the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries due to their biological attributes (such as diameter, height, crown spread); age; heritage significance including aesthetic, architectural, historical, scientific, social, spiritual, linguistic, or technological factors. Quite a few Champion Trees grow in Cape Town, several of them in the Arderne Gardens, Claremont. For the full list of South Africa’s Champion trees, go here.
  • Trees of Significance
    The City Parks department and TreeKeepers, along with other groups,  are working on a programme to map trees of significance in our city. The definition of these trees is under consideration but the Australian government’s definition is useful: “Special trees recognized by the public as being of high value based on their unique characteristics such as rarity, physical appearance, natural or cultural importance, outstanding age, size, aesthetic merit, connection to an important historic event or spiritual practice, scientific value or unique location or context.”