City Tree Policy & Bylaws

Guidelines for Planting Trees

Position of the Tree
Trees may not be planted nearer than 1,5m from the kerb.
Trees should not be placed less than 6-8m apart on road reserves
No trees may be planted nearer than 10m from a street intersection.
No trees may be planted nearer than 2m from any of the following structures: Fire hydrants, any electrical or Telkom boxes, drainage catch pits, stay wires, etc.
No trees may be planted within 1m from any wall.
No trees may be planted within 5m of a streetlight or power pole.
Trees should not be planted within 3m from a driveway.
Trees should not be planted within 5m from any road sign.
Trees should not be planted that may interfere with any overhead or underground services.

Hole Preparation and Planting
Dig a square hole of 1 x 1 m and approximately 1m deep.
Mix the soil that was dug out with ⅓ volume of good compost.
Add the following:
1 kg of Super phosphate fertilizer/bone meal.
½ kg of 2:3:2 or 3:1:5 fertilizer
Mix this soil mixture thoroughly.
Put this soil mixture back in the tree hole; leaving enough space for the root ball of the new tree.
Remove the tree from its plastic bag or container. Care must be taken not to damage the roots.
Plant the tree carefully. The soil level around the tree should remain the same as in the nursery container.
Firm the soil, make a neat dam around the tree to hold at least 80 liter of water and water immediately.
Use wooden stakes where required and tie the tree to the stakes with old rubber hose or similar soft material so that the stakes do not damage the tree.

By watering your sidewalk trees regularly (80 liters/week according to the guidelines, depending on soil and climate) you will soon enjoy the pleasure of these trees.

Protected Trees

Gazetted list of protected tree species: