About TreeKeepers

Who are we?

TreeKeepers is a group of concerned citizens who work together to conserve and protect trees, especially mature trees in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town. These suburbs were established decades ago and are home to big trees, many of them more than 100 years old.

Our TreeKeepers management committee is as follows:  Clare Burgess (Chair); Hugh Tyrrell (Vice-Chair/Founder); Henk Egberink (Treasurer); Alison Coutras (Secretary).

We meet monthly and if you would like to join, please email us.

Contact Us

To get in touch, send us an email at hello@treekeeperscapetown.org.za or contact Alison Coutras at acoutras@mweb.co.za or on 021 671 0333 or 082 822 5550.


Proposals to remove trees – our approach

Our approach to proposals to remove trees which are healthy and strong growing anywhere in the City is to advise that ALL trees in the urban forest context are providing valuable ecological and environmental functions to the City free of charge and should, therefore, be valued and conserved wherever possible.

TreeKeepers promote the idea of phasing in new locally indigenous plantings in natural systems such as the Liesbeek River but do not believe that it is a good idea to remove existing vegetation or trees on steep banks until new planting is already established and assisting with stabilising the banks of the river.

Our recommended approach to removal of exotics/aliens, therefore, is to use them as a nursery cover and interplant underneath their canopy where conditions for indigenous tree growth are much better than in exposed open wind-blown aspects.

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