Tree Alert

Tree Alert procedure

  • Introduce yourself to the contractor who is pruning or cutting the tree - indicate your interest
  • Establish who has contracted him and ask to see the permit from Recreation & Parks - all work on trees in public areas must have a permit
  • If no permit can be produced, ask him to stop work until he can show it
  • Obtain the contractor's name and take photos of him and vehicle, the tree being pruned or felled, and the entrance gate of the house with number
  • Send pictures to and Treekeepers and ask whether a permit was granted and for what reasons
  • If no reply is received within two days, follow up.

Emergency procedure

As per procedure above but also phone Neil Fortes on 082 561 3619 or Johan Herholdt on 021 4444 1692 or 084629 3257.  Also phone Claire Burgess on 082 546 7938.

How to prune a tree the right way

Trees for Bees

In Honour of World Bee Day, we are sharing 15 trees for the bees of the world! 🐝

1. African teak (Pterocarpus angolensis)
2. African wattle (Peltophorum africanum)
3. Apple-leaf (Philenoptera violacea)
4. Black thorn (Acacia mellifera Subsp. detinens)
5. Wild pear (Dombeya rotundifolia)
6. Buffalo thorn (Ziziphus mucronata)
7. Sweet thorn (Acacia karroo)
8. Tree fuscia (Halleria lucida)
9. Dogwood (Rhamnus prinoides)
10. False olive (Buddleja saligna)
11. Forest elder (Nuxia floribunda)
12. Coastal coral tree (Erythrina caffra)
13. Sumach-bean (Elephantorrhiza burkei)
14. Spekboom (Portulacaria afra)
15. Waterberry (Syzygium cordatum)

Bee on flower